Original Tokyo 1988 Cast Sounds

The Original Tokyo 1988 Cast contains Masachika Ichimura as the Phantom, Reiko Namora as Christine, and Yuchiro Yamagutchi as Raoul ( the Phantom in the 2nd Japanese recording ). The recording is rather strange, because it has all the diolouge was ommited from the Hannible ballet ( which is just the ballet music ), and the begining of I'll muto ( when Raoul is annoucing he'll be in box 5 ). There is no diolouge at all in the c/d, except after Carlotta is croaking, she sayes something in Japanese. Reiko Namora has a lovely voice, and sings beautifully . She is my favorite out of the other two Japanese Christines. Masachika Ichimura is wonderful as well. It is very true that he sounds very simular to Michael Crawford. He has this very soft, and ghost like voice, except during Wandering Child, which just sounds odd. Yuchiro Yamgutchi does very well too, his voice isn't as strong as it is on the Other recording. This also has the best Meg and Piangi out of all the other Japanese Recordings.

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