Original Swedish Cast

This is one of my favorite Cast Recordings. The Phantom is Mikael Samulson. Samulson has a really nice voice, although at the end of the long notes it cracks. Part of this recording is live, although there are parts where you can tell it was made in the studio. What is odd about it is that it seems at times that they have added clapping to give it the live effect when you can obviously tell it isn't live. Elisabeth Burg has a beautiful operatic voice. Its much deeper than most Christines, and at times is much richer than Carlotta. She bears a lot of emotion into the role, and is Perfectly casted as Christine. I personally don't like the Raoul, he seems way too old to be playing Raoul. His voice seems too deep at times. Carlotta is another highlight to this recording, although she does sound like a dog when she croaks ( just my opinion though ). Piangi doesn't hit that hight note in " Sad to return", and Madame Giry is way too rough. There is nothing special about the Managers, but this is probobly the best recorded meg. Martina Langas ( meg ) sound pretty muture, she doesn't make Meg seem like some kind of little Girl. This recording sound much more richer, and darker than the other recordings, and not as lively. Its missing the I'll Muto ballet, and several pieces of dialouge wich makes the story difficult to follow. For example, after Angel of Music, Meg is sent away by Madame Giry, and then out of no where Raoul appears. After Little Lotte, Christine sayes " Things have Changes Raoul "( I think ), and then the Phantom appears. So at times it may seem little odd, but other than those faults, this recording is HIGHLY recremonded. It is avalible at Dress Circle, and Footlight Records. Both stores ship internationaly.

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