These are all sounds wich I have recorded from variouse cast recordings, solo albums, or live performances. All sounds are in Real audio Format. Sorry if there are less sounds then there were in the last page, however there's more of a variety here. Please e-mail me if you have any questions, comments, or there is somthing wrong, also please do not use any of these images to diplay on another web page.

Original Mexican Cast
1992 Japanese Cast
Pamela Sanabria and Jeff Martin Original Hamburg Cast

Think of Me
Rumi Iroyo 1999 Japanese Cast
Elisabeth Berg Stockholm
Rebecca Luker Broadway

Angel of Music
Reiko Nomura 1988 Tokyo Cast
Karen Culliver and Catherine Ulissey Broadway

Little Lotte
Luzia Nistler and Alfred Pfeifer Vienna

The Mirror ( Angel of Music )
Mikael Samulson Stockholm
Meradith Braun and Mike Sterling London

Phantom of the Opera ( Title Song )
Renne Knapp and Hartwige Rudolz Hamburg
Florian Schnider and Ute Baum Basel
Kiyotaka Imai and Rumi Iroyo 1999 Japanese Cast

Music of the Night
Brad Little U.S. National Tour
Kiyotaka Imai 1999 Japanese Cast
Anthony Warlow Melbourne
Alexander Goeble Vienna

1992 Japanese Cast
Original Dutch Cast

Ill Muto
Annette Stridh Stockholm

All I Ask of You
Bjorn Olsson and Ute Baum Basel
Terri Bibb Broadway, U.S. National Tours
Dale Kristien and Michael Pointek Los Angeles

Peter De Smet and Joke De Kruijf Netherlands
Mexico City Cast

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
Lisa Vroman San Francisco, U.S. National Tours, Broaday
Marina Prior Melbourne, Sydney
Reiko Namura 1988 Tokyo Cast

Wandering Child
Melissa Dye and Paul Stanly Toronto
Jaun Navarro and Irasema Terrazas Mexico

Point of No Return
Alexander Goebel Vienna
Joke De Kruijf Netherlands, Vienna

Down Once More
Peter Karrie Fareast Tour, Vancouver, Toronto

Masachika Ichimura 1988 Tokyo Cast