This is all Information I have collected around the wb ( most of it is my own, but there are some VERY generiouse people who have been graciouse enough to lend me some information and pictures and I am very greatful :o). There are pictures, cast listings, sounds, etc, everythign I could think of including tourdates, and Theater information ( if the production is still open ). Please do not take any pictures, or sounds, or anything at all to display on another webpage. I have tried to get a playbill or Souvnier Brochure from Every Production. As you will notice, that is almost impossible, but I have managed to get most everything I can. If you would like to be Very kind and help me in any way, I would gladly appricate it and give you credite. Please e-mail me if there is any way at all you can help me. Thanks :o)

Her Majesties Theatre, London Majestic Theatre, Broadway Ney York

First Japanese Tour Vienna

Ahmanson Theatre Los Angles Pantages Theatre, Toronto Canada

Neua Flor Theatre, Hamburg Germany Stolkholm, Sweden

2nd US National Tour North American Tour

The Princess Theatre, Melborn Australia 3rd National Tour

2nd Japanese Tour First United Kingdome Touring Production

Theatre Royal, Sydney The Netherlands

Fareast Touring Cast Curran Theatre, San Franscico

Australian Tourig Production Basel, Switzerland

Vancouver Canadian Touring Productions, Fords Center 2nd UK Touring Production, Irland

Third Japanese Touring Cast Antwerp, Belgium

Mexico City, Mexico Copenhagen, Denmark

Seoul, Korea Madrid, Spain