Basel Sounds

Kimilee Bryant

The Origianl Basel c/d is a four track recording which features Ute Baum, Bjorn Olson and Florian Schnider. Florian Schnider has a very strong and bold voice. It's really amazing, yet he's a tad harsh at time but still a great singer. You probobly don't notice this since it's only a highlights recording, but his acting is oustanding on stage! Ute Baum has such a lovely voice. Her voice is much richer and not as high pictch as most Christines. She sings with lots of emotion. Bjorn Olson just so happens to be on of my favorite Raouls ( a reason alone for buying this recording ). He has the perfect voice in my opion, its not as loud or annoying as most Raouls. I highly recommend getting this recording if you can find it. It's currently out of print, and so I don't know if its obtainable anymore.

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